“Now Remember” Guim Tió. Solo Exhibition. December 2016. Barcelona

For over a year, Guim Tió Zarraluki has been researching about memory, oblivion and remembrance and their interaction with the passing of time. In other words, he is interested in the human being himself and  the process in how he becomes aware of his own existence.


And he does so in a turning point of the evolution process of the Western human beings. Nowadays, all sorts of technologies seem to have replaced brain’s means; Smartphones, digital cameras and other gadgets, or Facebook and Google have also replaced our memory and their are keeping it under a lethargic state.


“Now Remember” is what has came of all this researching process and will become a reality, in partnership with the Miquel Alzueta Gallery, between December 13th-19th in the first exhibition that takes place in four years in Barcelona, which is Guim Tió‘s hometown. During this lack of time, the artist has been holding exhibitions in several locations, such as Taipei (Taiwan), Berlin (Germany), London (UK), Marrakesh (Morocco), Parma (Italy), Gold Coast (Australia), Ciudad Juárez (Mexico) and Madrid (Spain).


In “Now Remember” artworks interact in a unique, once inhabited place. A house, that by the year 1700 was the home the writer Francesc de Paula Capella. In that building there was the first chocolate shop in the city: La Casa Capella, in the heart of the Rambla.


“Now, Remember” is an ephemeral and multidisciplinary experience, laid out throughout the different spaces of this Rambla’s main flat full of history and stories. The starting point is based on memories, on one hand those banal and ridiculous, on the other those significant ones,  that Guim Tió turns into a display which reaches two levels -a figurative and an abstract one- that will move the audience in any way. As a result of being through this experience, brand new stimulus will encourage to bring memories alive. These stimulus exist despite the specific artwork that have provoked them, creating a boundless loop.


Video, painting, serigraphy, photography and fluorescent lighting are different disciplines from the same laboratory. These are the different formats that Guim Tió has used to revise the memories of anonymous human beings, reconstructed through the screening of their memory, their experiences and its raw and rough aesthetics, to, along with the audience, bring them back to life, making them immortal in the glance of whom stares at his artworks.





Exhibition from December 13 to December 19.

Open from 5pm to 8pm.

Weekend from 11am to 7pm.

La Rambla 73. Barcelona.