Guim Tió by Massimo Cova

“The new conceptions of the meaning ‘Human Being’. ”


Text by: Massimo Cova

Data: September 2010

Text for Catalogue Exhibition Art<30

Guim Tió is a young artist from Barcelona. His research interest in pictorial part of the human condition, treated with humor, irony and a strong degree of provocation, and reflects on a society full of taboos and subjected to a very visual tyranny of television, advertising and, of course, of fashion magazines.

With the model representations and contemporary references in behavior and appearance, beauty and glamor, extracted from the coated paper for magazines, Guim makes a pictorial oper”a(c)tion” through brilliantly combined with the photographic medium – to “eye surgery”: a metaphor for the physical manipulation of plastic surgery, genetics and cybernetics, revealing that dark part of the human soul hided behind the pretense of perfection. The artist stages a controversial issue for contemporary society and his work becomes an exploration of the collective unconscious, which governs the aesthetic valences on all types of human monstrosities in the sign of narcissistic beauty emulation as the key to success; a parody of stereotypes that today govern the new conceptions of the meaning “human being”.